What is Remote Patient Monitoring?

Simply, RPM or Remote Patient Monitoring is the process of monitoring a patient’s vital signs remotely from their home in between real-time patient visits. Remote patient monitoring refers to the use of technology to record health data for review by a provider in a different location than the patient. This new modality encourages patients to take control of their health while allowing their doctors to gather vital information between office visits. It not only increases patient compliance but also has a dramatic impact on patient outcomes at reduced costs. It is a great resource for many physicians caring for patients who are suffering from chronic conditions, are less mobile, or are at risk of falling. Patients use connected devices at home, such as blood pressure cuffs, weight scales, or glucose monitoring devices to collect this data. These devices have built in cellular SIM cards that allow for automatic uploads remotely to the DocuVitals’ portal.

Why Remote Patient Monitoring?


Times have changed. 77% of healthcare patients report that they would be willing to wear technology for health tracking purposes. Remote patient monitoring (RPM) provides a way to leverage medical information into efficient reports and reimbursement. Creating a happy experience for both the patient and the provider.

1. Reduced hospital admissions: 38 percent

2. Improved patient satisfaction: 25 percent

2. Reduced readmissions: 25 percent

2. Reduced emergency room visits: 25 percent

5. Quantified cost reductions: 17 percent

6. Improved medication compliance: 13 percent

6. Improved patient health: 13 percent

8. Decreased A1c levels, a measure of blood sugar: 8 percent


How Does it Work?

1. We stock your office with inventory

At no upfront cost, we stock your office with the necessary, vital-sign device inventory.

2. We train your staff on how to set up a patient

We train your staff on how to enroll your patient into our easy-to-use portal.

3. We work with your patients to ensure patient compliance

All your patient needs to do is open the box and follow the easy directions on how to use the device. No mess with internet, no need for Bluetooth…everything is done automatically and simply. Our Clinical Care Coordinators are always available to assist.

4. Review of Patient Data

Our Clinical Care Coordinators will monitor all your patient vitals and update you continuously on those patients who need more attention. No need for your staff to worry. We also stream the data from your patient’s device into your account on the portal.
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5. Get Paid by Medicare and Most Private Payers

We provide your billers with a monthly billing summary for you to bill Medicare and other private payers for CPT Code 99453, 99454, 99457 and 99458. You keep the insurance payments and pay us just one low monthly fee per patient.

Are you ready to learn more about RPM?

Learn how DocuVitals can enhance your practice through remote patient monitoring.

Are you ready to learn more about RPM?

Learn how DocuVitals can enhance your practice through remote patient monitoring.